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The purpose of Shepherd Boy is ...
(1) To give parents and professionals the opportunity to share hands-on, practical ideas for working with individuals that have autism and related disabilities.
(2) To be a source of encouragement to those raising or working with individuals with autism and related disabilities. springfield android hack


The name "Shepherd Boy" was chosen with the Bible Story of David in mind. David was a little Shepherd Boy and the youngest of eight brothers. When the prophet, Samuel, came by God's command to choose the King, all the brothers lined up. No one ever thought to call David in from the fields where he was attending sheep. Yet, David was God's choice for the next King of Israel. So, when others see a Shepherd Boy, God may see a King.....When others see an autistic child, no one knows the possibilities that God sees.

".....Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
I Samuel 16:17 -- The Holy Bible, New International Version


Shepherd Boy is a family based ministry out of the home of Craig and Robyne Batson. Shepherd Boy is encouraged and financially supported by friends like you. If you would like to support this ministry, please send your donations to Shepherd Boy, 4241 Faye Drive, Olive Branch, MS 38654 USA. Please make checks payable to Shepherd Boy.


Shepherd Boy publishes a quarterly newsletter which is sent all over the United States and into Argentina, Canada, Europe, India, New Zealand, the Middle East, Spain, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.

The quarterly publication of Shepherd Boy can be delivered directly to your home. This publication covers many areas such as the ones on this website. Your donation of US$15.00 per year will help to cover the cost of printing and postage for 4 issues of Shepherd Boy. Back issues are available for US$4.00 each. Send request to Shepherd Boy, 4241 Faye Drive, Olive Branch, MS 38654 USA. Please make checks payable to Shepherd Boy.


Shepherd Boy desires your input. Please continue to send your tips, ideas, triumphs and struggles that may be shared through this publication in the hopes that others will be helped and encouraged. Remember to include your name, title, child's name and age when sharing articles and information.


Some of the suggestions, tips and ideas found in Shepherd Boy will work for the individual you are raising or working with and some of these will not. Parents and professionals must use their own discretion and discernment.

Thank you for visiting.

Copyright Shepherd Boy, 2002